Top 3 Things to Consider as Mother of the Bride

When it comes to your son or daughter growing up and finding the one they love, it is wonderful when the big question is popped and wedding day plans start to come together. It is an emotional day for a mother watching their child all grown up and become a part of a new family all of their own. There is a lot of information for brides, grooms and more on everything from what to wear to what should be included in speeches, but we wanted to offer a helping hand to the rock who has been there for the happy couple, you!


What to wear?

Of course helping your daughter or daughter in law pick out her stunning bridal gown will be top of your priorities; however as the mother of the bride or groom you should look sophisticated and feel comfortable in your attire. Eyes will be on you as you play an important part in the wedding, a sophisticated dress with jacket and hat or fascinator is the perfect ensemble.

It is often best to stick to subtle shades as you don’t want something too flashy to detract attention away from the bride. Consult the bride for their preferred colour scheme and the colour of the bridesmaid dresses so your attire will fit in with the overall look.

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Before the ceremony

When both bride and groom are getting ready for one of the biggest day of their lives, it is lovely to take a moment with your child before they say ‘I do’. It is a beautiful moment to gift your son or daughter a present they can keep, either something passed on through the family or that will be a nice reminder of you. A few tears before the ceremony is inevitable so enjoy this moment together.



Should I make a speech?

Weddings nowadays include a number of differences to the standard traditions once set, including the mother of the bride making a speech. Whether speaking on behalf of somebody absent or just wanting to make a quick additional speech, your words will be an important part of the wedding do.

If you want to bring up a slightly embarrassing story and express your love for your daughter then there is no better time to do so than on her wedding day. Make sure to welcome the new in laws, mention something about your new son in law of course and keep it short, sweet and unforgettable.


Above all try not to worry and enjoy the day, make sure to get lots of beautiful family photos that you can cherish and mingle with the new additions to your family!


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