5 Top Tips for Saving Money on your Wedding

Weddings are infamous for costing a lot of money and it can be hard to try and cut back when planning ahead for the most important day of your life. Don’t worry too much as there are many ways that you can save without compromising on that look that you have dreamed about, all it means is just taking a little more time to think, plan and get creative which we can help with. Whether you want more money to spend on your dream lace wedding dress or perhaps to splash out on an exotic honeymoon, you can save some extra cash by using some of the ideas in our 5 top tips below…



Top tip 1
Fresh flowers are a key part of your wedding look as they are natural and gorgeous just like you will be as a bride! However they can add a few more pound signs to your bill than hoped for. Don’t worry though as it is possible to make a room look stunning whilst compromising the real deal for an alternative in places. You should keep your bouquet made from fresh flowers to finish off your bridal look, but possibly swapping the real flowers running along the aisle to romantic looking candles or artificial flowers instead.



Top tip 2
If you are a bit creative yourself or have a friend who is, you can definitely use this to your advantage. There is nothing better than using glitter, colourful pieces of card and other bits and bobs to make things personal and pretty! Instead of splashing out on invitations, name cards, order of service cards and other similar pieces, why not make them yourself? Keep costs down by having them reprinted out and then use inexpensive gems and ribbon to make them look extra special, you could even get the girls round for a few drinks and turn it into a crafting night in!



Top tip 3
If you are having a free bar at your wedding you should expect to be paying out quite a lot of money for this, especially if you have a few family members or friends who love a good drink! If you still want to go ahead with this plan you can try and minimise the spending slightly by closing the bar when food is being served, during the speeches and an hour before your reception event is due to end. Another options is to limit the bar to certain types of free drinks such as beer and wine, plus have a special cocktail created that will add a touch of fun as a sweet treat for guests to enjoy.



Top tip 4
When it comes to food, pick out some yummy and more substantial canopies to have as the starter before the main meal. This idea will cut out a course so will save you a bit of money, plus create a bit more time for dancing! Wedding cakes are also very expensive so choosing a smaller ‘show’ cake created for you and your partner to cut into is a great idea. All you then have to do is order a number of tasty flavoured sheet cakes that can be handed out for dessert, this way guests get an option too so everyone is happy!



Top tip 5
As tradition goes ‘something borrowed’ is an important piece to tick off your list, but why stop at just one item? If you want your wedding to be a bit quirky and have plenty of family and friend involvement, borrowing pieces that you can add to your reception room to jewellery pieces and more is such a great way of making everything that bit more personal and of course saving on money too. You will no doubt have lots of helpful hands willing to help you out, use it to your advantage!



Do you have any cost cutting secrets that don’t cut corners? We would love to hear from you and see any of your gorgeous pictures!



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